Countdown… T minus 48 hours!

Okay, it’s super exciting now! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, work has been pretty busy and then I got absorbed with you know, actually prepping for the trip instead of procrastinating and writing in the blog!  Here’s a quick update…

My bag is packed!

I was shocked when I weighed it that it’s only 11kg! I normally end up with a suitcase quite close to 20kg for a normal business trip, so how I’ve managed to pack for 3 weeks in 11kg is beyond me! Just crossing fingers I haven’t forgotten anything significant.

Foreign currency has arrived! 
I decided to go for a mix of Thai Baht and US Dollars, so that I can change to the other countries as I go. I got a good deal on the Post Office website and £3 cash back with Quidco!

I called Gadventures

I initially called to check up on the baggage allowances for the flights which they’re booking – 15kg is what they advised.  But I also managed to find out that on the trip are 8 people (including me) with an age range of 21 to 50, and people from USA, Canada, UK and Europe – so it sounds like a pretty mixed bunch and I’m right in the middle of the group which will hopefully work well.  I can’t wait to meet all my new travel friends soon!

I joined Parkrun!

If you don’t know what Parkrun is, it’s a nationwide (worldwide?) scheme for running a 5km run every Saturday at 9am. It’s a free, volunteer run thing and it’s designed to encourage healthy lifestyles. I set it up and went along to the first run in Crystal Palace park and managed to knock out a 27:06… Pretty great 🙂

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