Quest of the Gods

ebda782273daa55cfcd6497e5e719769The itinerary for the trip is pretty intense…

November 1st – depart Gothenburg, fly to Lima (via Frankfurt, New York and San Salvadore)

November 2nd – Land in Lima at 2am – a few hours in a hotel and then exploring the city, hopefully meeting up with people also on the same tour.

November 3rd – Fly to Puerto Maldonado, then hike and canoe to the lodge where we will stay in the Amazon rainforest!

November 4th – Full day in the rainforest

November 5th – Canoe from the lodge to Puerto Maldonado and then a flight over the Andes to Cusco, the base camp for the Inca trail

November 6th – All day guided tour of the Sacred Valley, as well as organising our hired gear for the Inca trail.

November 7th – Start the Inca trail, first night camping out in the wild!

November 8th – day two, the toughest day on the Inca trail, including a trip to Dead Womans Pass

November 9th – day three on the Inca trail – camping close to the Sun Gate

November 10th – Macchu Picchu, I guess this is considered the “highlight” of the trip, although for me the whole thing will be amazing!

November 11th – Back to Cusco, a day exploring and returning hired gear, etc.

November 12th – Drive to Puno and stay there

November 13th – A tour of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca

November 14th – Transfer and fly back to Lima

November 15th – A free day exploring Lima, and then a flight home departing at 1am on November 16th (via Houston, Chicago and Frankfurt)!

See the Photo Gallery for my highlights!


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