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Training walks around Delsjön

Delsjön from homeI’m very lucky to be living close to an amazing set of nature locations, which makes training both inspiring and fun.  Recently I discovered a lake called Delsjön (actually it’s two lakes – Stora Delsjön and Lilla Delsjön) which has a 10km hike route around the perimeter.  The hike itself is great for training – a few steep bits but plenty of flat bits too.  But what’s really wonderful is just how beautiful it is there.  Really stunning. It’s a popular place for families to go as there is a beach and you can swim in the lake (it’s crystal clear), but the hiking track itself is generally really quiet.  The lake is around 5km from my apartment, and a lap is 10km around it, so it’s a nice gentle 20km training walk.  I often see people running around there, which impresses me – I don’t think i’d want to run up some of the hills there, although i’m yet to try.

Last time I went there (yesterday) it started tipping down with rain but luckily I was testing out my day pack for Peru so I had my wet weather gear packed.  It meant I got a chance to test out the durability of the wet weather gear too – my Poncho technique leaves some room for improvement, as my shirt and trousers were soaked by the time i’d walked 10km in the pouring rain.  I guess that’s to be expected though.

Here are a few pictures I took during my recent walks – when it wasn’t raining!

image image Continue reading

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Spend, Spend, Spend

One of the things I hadn’t considered when I booked the trip was just how much extra gear I would need to buy in order to actually make the trip possible.  I decided to try and spread the purchasing out across the summer, so that it’s not such a shock when October comes and the trip is just days away.

I’ll not bore you with the details of exactly every purchase I make, but I thought i’d post some of the highlights.

Osprey Talon 18My day pack is an Osprey Talon 18, which i’m really really pleased with.   Continue reading

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