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Counting Down!

  The countdown has properly begun now.  I have been keeping an eye on the Gadventures app and it popped up this morning saying 30 days to adventure! I can almost feel it now!

  But before it begins, I’ve got a couple more work trips – 6 more flights in fact, so I can’t really start packing yet. I did give my backpack a bit of a test run a few weeks ago on a weekend away and even then it proved to be awesome. I’m looking forward to figuring out what I actually need to take, and managing  to squeeze it all into the bag.  18 days is a lot to pack for, especially since the region is entering into rainy season as we go so we’ll likely need a mix of rain and warm clothes.  Here’s the official packing list, with my notes:

  • Antibacterial wipes/gel (easy)
  • Binoculars (easy)
  • Camera with extra memory cards and batteries (easy)
  • Cash, credit and debit cards (easy, but which currency??)
  • Cash in USD (easy)
  • Day pack (easy)
  • Documents (must remember to print them in advance)
  • First-aid kit (easy)
  • Flashlight/torch (ironically I need to arrange this!)
  • Fleece jacket or warm layer (several options, just got to pick which one)
  • Flight info (must remember to print it too)
  • Gloves (which type??)
  • Hat (sun hat? Ski hat? G adventures can be very ambiguous sometimes!)
  • Insect repellent (got it)
  • Insurance info (need to ask for this from work)
  • Long pants/jeans (no problem)
  • Money belt (I don’t own one, not sure if I need it or if I should go for alternatives)
  • Outlet adapter (easy)
  • Passport (easy)
  • Personal entertainment (I’ll probably bring some books and my iPad)
  • Pocketknife (This makes me uneasy, but ok)
  • Rain gear (easy)
  • Rain jacket or poncho (um, didn’t you just say that?)
  • Required visas or vaccination certificates (I need to check on vaccinations)
  • Reusable water bottle (got it)
  • Shirts/t-shirts (should be fine)
  • Shorts (should be fine)
  • Small travel towel (got it)
  • Sturdy walking shoes (see below)
  • Sunblock (need to buy strong stuff)
  • Sunglasses (got nice ones, might buy some cheaper ones)
  • Sun hat/bandana (as opposed to the ski hat above?)
  • Swimwear (sure)
  • Toiletries (yep)
  • Umbrella (really? Seriously? Sure… I have one, but wasn’t expecting to need it!)
  • Vouchers and pre-departure information (covered above!)
  • Warm clothing (covered above!)
  • Watch and alarm clock (need to find the watch I bought for Peru)
  • Waterproof backpack cover (built into my pack)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (pretty sure this is covered somewhere above!)

As with before, there are tons of duplicates on this list – I think G adventures must compile these lists from multiple sources and as such, they end up with similarly written things using different terminology. I’m not too phased by anything on the list, but pondering if I should invest in some decent lightweight shoes for walking – most of my day to day shoes are pretty un-sensible for scrambling over rocks or hiking in woods. I don’t think this trip needs full scale hiking boots, so those can stay at home, but I might need a trip to a a shoe shop some time in the next month.

Ahhh, it’s getting close now… 

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12 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!

keep-calm-only-12-hours-left-4It’s finally here!  I really can’t believe i’m writing this, but 12 hours from now i’ll be on my way to Peru!  Infact the taxi will pick me up in a little over 10 hours!

Whilst I won’t be updating the blog regularly when travelling, please do check back – i’ll add a LOT of information when i’m back!!

Wish me luck!

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A week from now…

… i’ll be sitting on a plane, on my way to the biggest adventure of my life!  I’ve been rabbiting on about it for months now and it’s so close… it really feels unreal still.  Watch this space for piles of photos of half-packed rucksacks this week!

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Counting the sleeps!

21 Sleeps!Okay, Peru is getting really close now!  The next time I go to the airport it will be to head to Peru!!!!

To put it another way… 21 sleeps!

I’ve basically done all the shopping now, and i’ve done a practice pack of my backpack so I know everything will fit.  I’m now in the frustrating bit where i’ve not got anything to do except be excited!  Now, where did I put that guidebook…

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1 month to go!

I can’t believe it’s so close! In 1 month, i’ll be boarding my plane to Peru! Well, technically, i’ll be boarding a plane to Frankfurt, then changing planes… a lot of times. But it’s close, and i’m really excited!!!!

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