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Back in the Game

EMF2015_Marathon_Route_MapWell, after almost a month of frustration and rest, today I was finally able to run 5km again without pain. I’ve still not got much idea of what’s happened, and i’m going to take it easy on the training over the next few weeks, but the good news is that right now, i’m pain free and have booked my flights for the Edinburg Marathon, so – it’s happening!

I have tons of travel coming up so i’m going to be training from sub-obtimal level in strange cities, which could prove a challenge.  Tomorrow, I leave for Frankfurt for a week – lets hope I can find a decent route in the city centre to keep things moving along!

Edinburgh Marathon have released the route map for this years course – and I have to say, it feels kind of scary.  What I really don’t like about it is that you run past the finish point at the 9 mile mark… that’s going to be a huge psychological challenge to push myself to run another 14 miles!  But, it’s time to focus on ramping my training – my original plan was to be doing 21km practice runs twice a week at this point and now I’m celebrating running just 5km!  Long way to go!

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I booked them!

Well, that’s next years running challenges lined up…


Gothenburg half marathon, May 23rd 2015, then:


Edinburgh full marathon, May 31st, 2015

Basically… the half marathon becomes a warm up race for the full thing!  It’s going to be a tough spring of training!

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Training when travelling

It’s one of the blessings, and one of the curses, of my job that I get to travel. It’s wonderful to see so many amazing places, but on the other side it’s hard to keep up a regular training routine. Continue reading

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