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There’s no getting away from it, the Inca trail is going to be a challenge.  I’m not afraid of long hikes, but no matter how hard I try to train, the altitude is going to be a something to get used to on-site.  The trail starts at 8000ft, which is roughly the same altitude as the pressure in the cabin of a commercial airline.  I figure that could actually work to my benefit, since I spend a lot of time on aircrafts anyway.  Then it climbs, steeply, to 13,796ft – which is basically the height that small airplanes fly at…. it seems unnatural to think of being at the height, brought there only by my feet!  I’ve been reading a few blogs and things which talk about the biggest problem being a psychological one, and I can see why.

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I did it!

imageI did it! I ran the Gothenburg Midnattsloppet, and I did it really well!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.25.48

54 minutes and 39 seconds for the 10km course, which puts me in 3,045th place, out of over 12,000 runners.   Continue reading

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Race day!

MidnattsloppetThe time has come for my next competitive race!  Tonight i’ll be participating in the Gothenburg Midnatsloppet, which is a night race around the streets of Gothenburg.  It’s a 10km race which now isn’t really a big deal for me – i’m aiming for a time somewhere under 1 hour, but with all these competitive races the clumping of people might well slow me down a little.

The course is pretty simple, with not a lot of hills compared to my usual training, but it does take in one particularly nasty hill just near the finish line.  Oh well, it’ll be good practice for day two of the Inca trail!

Wish me luck!  You can track me online during the race – here!

ml2014_bankarta_gbg ml2014_banprofil_gbg


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