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Countdown… T minus 48 hours!

Okay, it’s super exciting now! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, work has been pretty busy and then I got absorbed with you know, actually prepping for the trip instead of procrastinating and writing in the blog!  Here’s a quick update…

My bag is packed!

I was shocked when I weighed it that it’s only 11kg! I normally end up with a suitcase quite close to 20kg for a normal business trip, so how I’ve managed to pack for 3 weeks in 11kg is beyond me! Just crossing fingers I haven’t forgotten anything significant.

Foreign currency has arrived! 
I decided to go for a mix of Thai Baht and US Dollars, so that I can change to the other countries as I go. I got a good deal on the Post Office website and £3 cash back with Quidco!

I called Gadventures

I initially called to check up on the baggage allowances for the flights which they’re booking – 15kg is what they advised.  But I also managed to find out that on the trip are 8 people (including me) with an age range of 21 to 50, and people from USA, Canada, UK and Europe – so it sounds like a pretty mixed bunch and I’m right in the middle of the group which will hopefully work well.  I can’t wait to meet all my new travel friends soon!

I joined Parkrun!

If you don’t know what Parkrun is, it’s a nationwide (worldwide?) scheme for running a 5km run every Saturday at 9am. It’s a free, volunteer run thing and it’s designed to encourage healthy lifestyles. I set it up and went along to the first run in Crystal Palace park and managed to knock out a 27:06… Pretty great ūüôā

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GAdventures got Appy!

imageWhilst browsing the GAdventures website yesterday to check some details of my trip, I happened on a link to the new ‘GAdventures App‘. Intrigued, I downloaded it and logged in…
Wow, what a treasure trove of information that thing is! The entire trip itinerary is laid out in detail, way more detail than is available anywhere else – including the names and addresses of the hotels we’re going to. Super cool, so much excitement when I started browsing the itinerary. ¬†It also lists out all the optional activities (although most of them just say ‘talk to the CEO during the trip’) and has interactive maps where you can browse the days routes. ¬†It even tells you the exchange rates and weather in each location on the tour. ¬†I’m almost convinced to take my phone with me based on how much information this thing gives me!

So now I know the hotels i’ll be staying at!

FuramaXclusive Sathorn, Bangkok

The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai

Maison Dalabua hotel, Luang Prabang

Golden Silk Boutique Hotel, Hanoi

Continental Saigon Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

Landscape Hotel, Phom Penh

Royal Angkor Resort, Siem Reap

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The phone is staying at home!

Maxon_MX3204Mind: made up.

Phone: staying at home.


How does one disconnect from the world in 2014 for 17 days?  Is it even possible?  Will I implode?

I’m damn well going to try and disconnect! ¬†I realised the other day that i’ve probably had a phone in my pocket every day since I turned 13 and my dad bought me a Vodafone Pay as you go handset. ¬†It was a¬†simple device by todays standards but it changed my world – texting my nerdy friends (the rest of them didn’t have phones yet!) and being able to¬†call people… wow!

Well, phones have changed quite a bit since then. ¬†But the one thing that’s stayed the same is how glued to the handset we have become. ¬†My iPhone 5 is the first thing I look at in the morning, the last thing I look at at night and it connects me to my closest friends in the world, wherever they are. ¬†It causes me to be connected, which is awesome, but it also forces me to be connected. ¬†We feel obligated by our phones to stay in touch with the world at all waking moments – answering to text messages, tweets, facebooks messages, whatsapps, wechats, hangouts, whatever… and I think it’s unhealthy.

So i’m incredibly excited about letting go for 2 weeks. ¬†No tweets. No facebooks. ¬†No texts. ¬†It’s nothing against you guys… I love being in¬†contact, and I love that we keep in touch, but sometimes a chance to take a break is healthy.

See you when i’m back! ¬†I can’t wait to tell you all how it’s been!

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To take a phone or not?

I work hard. I answer emails and phone calls at all sorts of hours, and during evenings and weekends it’s not abnormal for me to spend a few hours just responding to customers.

One of the reasons for booking this trip is my desire to really “switch off” from the world for a while, which is why i’m considering a really bold move. ¬†I think I might not take my phone with me.

The thought of it kind of scares me right now.  I like to be connected.  Most of my close friends live 1000km+ away and we keep in touch by SMS, or Facebook.  Can I really cope with 16 days of disconnection?

My current thinking is to take the phone but leave it in Airplane mode. ¬†But then it’s just too tempting to connect to a wifi network, and then the work emails arrive and the stress piles up… I’d really like to think I can do it!

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