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An amazing evening hike!

imageYesterday evening a group of us went for an evening hike after work.  It was a really great evening, and we explored a hiking trail called Vättlefjäll.  The trail is an 11.7km route, and we did it in just under 3 hours.  The pace wasn’t very high but it was the ideal opportunity for me to try out my new hiking gear!  I’m glad I had packed my day pack with all of the things I have bought, since I used the water bladder, hiking poles and head torch – by the time we finished it was pitch black outside!

As you can see from the runkeeper log, it’s a course that circles a lot of the lakes in the area.  The lakes are ideal for canoeing and we saw a few people setting up tents along the route who had canoed around – must make a note to do that one day!

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I did it!

imageI did it! I ran the Gothenburg Midnattsloppet, and I did it really well!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.25.48

54 minutes and 39 seconds for the 10km course, which puts me in 3,045th place, out of over 12,000 runners.   Continue reading

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imageYesterday was a pretty significant day for me.  A year ago I downloaded an app called “Couch to 5k” and decided to do something about my health.  I won’t say that I was in desperate need, but I was certainly heading towards being obese.  My travel lifestyle combined with a general lethargy had seen my weight creep up to around 85kg (13 stone).  I remember the process – downloading the app, and thinking “I wonder if I can do this”.  At the time, being able to run 5km felt like a really long way away.  My first few “runs” were basically walks with a short stint of running in between them and I honestly felt quite broken even after a 1 minute run.

Little did I know just quite how far I’d be able to take it.  I ran a half marathon!

I checked my runkeeper statistics today – I have run a total of over 1000km, and done well over 200 ‘activities’.  Granted some of that is running and cycling, but still… considering running for 1 minute a year ago was such a challenge, i’m impressed with myself.  It’s amazing the energy I have now, and the fact that i’m taking on challenges like Peru… i’m a whole different me!

Now if it would only stop raining, I could get out there for todays run!

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