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March Marcothon!

StravaYou probably haven’t heard of a Marcothon – it’s a concept which has been shared amongst runners since 2009 when someone decided it was a great idea to run 5km every day in November, and his friend then picked it up and ran 5km every day in December – the birth of the first Marcothon. Since then thousands of people have started the challenge, and I admire every one of them.

Traditionally this is done in December, but since that isn’t really practical in Sweden (ice isn’t safe to run on), and since i’d been so lazy in January and February, I decided that March would be my Marcothon – or should that be Marchothon?

Not only is it something i’ve admired in others for ages, but it’s also a great excuse to get my base fitness up before marathon training intensely in April.

Anyway, i’m now 8 days in, 45km in (I did 10k today)… and i’m loving it! Admittedly the weather in March is definitely less of a challenge than in December, but the feeling of achievement I get looking back at my Strava feed and seeing 8 significant runs one after another is really so good. My legs are a bit achey, but i’m pacing myself and not pushing for a personal best every time I go out, just to complete the duration of the whole month.

Wish me luck!

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I booked them!

Well, that’s next years running challenges lined up…


Gothenburg half marathon, May 23rd 2015, then:


Edinburgh full marathon, May 31st, 2015

Basically… the half marathon becomes a warm up race for the full thing!  It’s going to be a tough spring of training!

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Training when travelling

It’s one of the blessings, and one of the curses, of my job that I get to travel. It’s wonderful to see so many amazing places, but on the other side it’s hard to keep up a regular training routine. Continue reading

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Race day!

MidnattsloppetThe time has come for my next competitive race!  Tonight i’ll be participating in the Gothenburg Midnatsloppet, which is a night race around the streets of Gothenburg.  It’s a 10km race which now isn’t really a big deal for me – i’m aiming for a time somewhere under 1 hour, but with all these competitive races the clumping of people might well slow me down a little.

The course is pretty simple, with not a lot of hills compared to my usual training, but it does take in one particularly nasty hill just near the finish line.  Oh well, it’ll be good practice for day two of the Inca trail!

Wish me luck!  You can track me online during the race – here!

ml2014_bankarta_gbg ml2014_banprofil_gbg


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Training walks around Delsjön

Delsjön from homeI’m very lucky to be living close to an amazing set of nature locations, which makes training both inspiring and fun.  Recently I discovered a lake called Delsjön (actually it’s two lakes – Stora Delsjön and Lilla Delsjön) which has a 10km hike route around the perimeter.  The hike itself is great for training – a few steep bits but plenty of flat bits too.  But what’s really wonderful is just how beautiful it is there.  Really stunning. It’s a popular place for families to go as there is a beach and you can swim in the lake (it’s crystal clear), but the hiking track itself is generally really quiet.  The lake is around 5km from my apartment, and a lap is 10km around it, so it’s a nice gentle 20km training walk.  I often see people running around there, which impresses me – I don’t think i’d want to run up some of the hills there, although i’m yet to try.

Last time I went there (yesterday) it started tipping down with rain but luckily I was testing out my day pack for Peru so I had my wet weather gear packed.  It meant I got a chance to test out the durability of the wet weather gear too – my Poncho technique leaves some room for improvement, as my shirt and trousers were soaked by the time i’d walked 10km in the pouring rain.  I guess that’s to be expected though.

Here are a few pictures I took during my recent walks – when it wasn’t raining!

image image Continue reading

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