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Here we go again!

I’ve done it… i’ve booked my next adventure!  I’m so excited to tell you all about it… very soon!

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Good morning, and goodbye!

Hi all! I’m most likely at the airport by now… the flight leaves soon and I won’t have my phone on me (this is a scheduled post, incase you wondered if I caved in!)

See you all in 17 days!  Don’t forget to check the Itinerary if you’re interested in what i’m up to!

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My anthem for the Peru trip

Passenger All the little lightsEvery time I make a trip, I try to associate it with a particular song or album.  That way, later on when I re-listen to that music it brings back the memories of that particular trip.  Sometimes the links are tenuous at best but at least I get to remember Toronto when I hear Biffy Clyro.  Don’t ask why!

For Peru, I made my mind up on the track a long time ago… Continue reading

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