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2 months to go!

Well here we are – September 1st. That means it’s exactly two months until I leave for my big adventure to Peru! I’ve still got loads to do before I go!

Thinking from the top of my head, the first big thing I mustn’t forget is the second injection of Twinrix on September 12th.  Apparently the travel clinic will text me to remind me, but i’m still trying to keep that date locked in my head.  After that the only medical thing I need to remember is I have to take two ‘shots’ of the Cholera medication at the start of October, and I must also get hold of some Mosquito spray with DEET.

I also still need to find a lot of clothes, a big backpack and many other things – hoping to do a lot of this when i’m in London for the weekend on the 19th-21st September.  My spreadsheet still feels like the majority of it is un-purchased, rather than bought, which is kind of scary considering how much money i’ve already spent!

The last thing is that I must get some more practice hikes in, before the weather turns fowl!  Swedish Winter starts in about October, so the clock is definitely ticking on this!

BRB, panicking!

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Jabs (update)

Well, it wasn’t as bad as I suspected, although quite a lot is needed for a trip into the jungle!

I had to get a Twinrix, which is a combined Hepititis A & B, together with a shot for Yellow Fever and two oral treatments for Dypheria and Cholera which I take a month before I go. I have to go back in a month for a second Twinrix, and then later get a further shot of Hepetitis B (since I already had a Hep A shot last year).

I’m fine with injections, but the cost was pretty painful – 1,405 kr (roughly €130) just for someone to stab me a few times. Could get stabbed a lot cheaper in parts of Mölndal I’m told! I did get an exciting little yellow book to prove I’ve been stabbed, which I can present in Peru when requested. The nurse even wrote it in English for me.

So, one more preparation ticked off the list!

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As part of the trip, we’ll be visiting the Amazon rainforest and that means one thing… jabs!

I’m booked to go to the travel clinic in Gothenburg today to find out just how many, but i’m pretty sure it involves at least 4 or 5.  I’m okay with injections, but it’s still not a pleasant experience to pay someone to stick needles into you!  I’ve read that Peru has a requirement for Yellow Fever jabs before they will even let you enter the country, let alone the rainforest… Sounds pretty serious!

I’ll find out just how much I need soon!

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